Life Before Birth (Life Magazine Reprint)

Photographed by Lennart Nilsson • Life Magazine • 20 pp.

One of the most widely-acclaimed photo-essays ever to appear in LIFE magazine explored the creation and pre-natal development of human life. Lennart Nilsson, a Swedish photographer, captures in color photographs human embryos in their natural state—strikingly complete in clinical detail, but at the same time strangely beautiful.


Puberty and Adolescence

Drew E. Bolander, M.S. • Teen-Aid, Inc. • 24 pp. • Grade – elementary

With simple drawings and easy explanations, body changes that occur during puberty are explained. The booklet emphasizes responsibility and emotional maturity.


Child Lures

Kenneth Wooden • Child Lures Ltd.• 19 pp.

Family Guide for prevention of youth exploitation. Prevention program presents 13 basic lures used to sexually manipulate our children and youth, and then provides skills for self-protection against these lures. Illustrated.


Delilah’s Dilemma

Helen Locke, School Nurse • 13 pp.

A creative and compassionate way to present head lice information. Delilah has head lice. The school nurse teaches the children about this health problem.


Not Again – Avoiding a Second Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy

Unwed Parents Anonymous, Inc. • 25 pp.

National statistics indicate that 40 percent of the women who bear an out-of-wedlock child today will become pregnant again within a year. A second out-of-wedlock pregnancy is far more devastating than the first.


Table Manners, What’s Your Etiquette IQ?

Teen-Aid, Inc. •  16 pp.

A quick, easy read for teens and adults to review their table manners.


Sex – Q & A – Kids’ Questions – Parent’s Answers

National Physician’s Center For Family Resources •Booklet • Parent Resource • Teacher Resource • 60 pp.

A must have resource for any concerned family or as a classroom resource. This 60 page paperback covers puberty to reproduction to disease in a straight forward question and answer style with a few simple diagrams.


Spanish Version $6.50

Saying No: The Way to Grow

Karen Poza • Life Cycle Books • 30 pp.

Offers young people sound, logical reasons for saying no to premarital sex. Explains WHY saying no is important as well as HOW to say no. In a direct, positive style Poza offers hope — even to those who have not been practicing, “no.”