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Teenagers: Everyone Is NOT Doing It

Mike Long • Jameson Books • Paperback • 91 pp

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers have heard Mike speak and seen his powerful videos. Now, for the first time, he has written a book especially for those teens that are experiencing difficulties dealing with the desire and pressures they face about sex. Mike effectively communicates with teenagers in this book addressing those many issues they face. $12.95

Parents: Everyone Is NOT Doing It

Mike Long • Jameson Books • Paperback • 137 pp

If you are a parent, teacher, or youth leader who wants the best for your kids, Mike Long’s book is for you! Mike will show you how to get on your teenagers’ level about sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. You’ll learn how to direct them in making smart, healthy decisions that build character, responsibility, maturity, and discipline. Mike’s “directive teaching” style WORKS because, rather than give orders and lay down laws, you’ll direct teenagers to make the right decisions on their own. $16.95

I Can You Can Too!

Mamie McCullough • Honor Books • Hardback • 261 pp.

Practical, realistic, and endlessly enthusiastic, Mamie reveals the twelve secrets to healthy self-esteem and certain success. She’ll inspire you to become a self-starter, an optimistic thinker, and a courageous achiever of your full potential. $15.00

The Teenage Book of Manners Please

Fred Hartley • Barbour • Paperback • 223 pp.

A teenage manners book? You must be kidding! It almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. But the book doesn’t split hairs. It’s full of adventure, humor and excitement on a practical level. It helps teens develop manners in all sorts of areas. Its cartoons and easy reading style make this a book accessible and enjoyable for all teens. $6.97

Get It Together And Remember Where You Put It

Mamie McCullough • Honor Books • Hardback • 230 pp.

Everything you need to know to turn your desire for a better life into more that you ever imagined possible. Step by step, she explains her simple strategies and practical tips for creating a personal action plan for making the best of your life. $15.00

Love, Dating, & Sex: What Teens Want to Know

George B. Eager • Mailbox Club Books • Paperback • 208 pp.

A book about sex for teenagers. Straight talk. Caring talk. Easy to read and illustrated. Offers sensitive and often surprising answers to the questions teens most often wonder about: What is real love? How can I attract someone of the opposite sex? How can I rate with my date? How far is too far? $10.95

You Just Don’t Understand

Deborah Tannen, PH.D. • Ballantine Books • Paperback • 330 pp.

Each persons life is lived a a series of conversations. Analyzing everyday conversations, and their effects on relationships has been the focus of the author’s career as a sociolinguist. This book can be used as a resource book for Sexuality, Commitment, and Family “Communication” chapter. $14.00

Oh No! Maybe My Child is Normal!

Cliff Schimmels • Shaw Publishers • Paperback • 144 pp.

In a humorous style, Cliff Schimmels covers some of the normal issues and needs in parenting children: shared experiences, proper perspective, order and responsibility, self-esteem, creativity and more. $7.95

The AIDS Cover-Up? The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS

Gene Antonio • Ignatius Press • Paperback • 253 pp.

This critically important book provides well documented scientific and medical facts about the AIDS epidemic. It presents a wealth of information and evidence regarding the true nature of AIDS and its means of transmission that is not readily available. $10.95

Permanent Love: Practical Steps to a Lasting Relationship

Edward E. Ford & Steven Englund • Brandt Publishing • Paperback • 148 pp.

This basic guide presents the keys to making relationships work. Love is a behavior. The authors outline in detail four progressive steps which serve as vehicles for love. $7.95

The New Birth Order Book by Kevin LemanThe New Birth Order Book

Dr. Kevin Leman • Fleming H. Revell Co. • Paperback • 362 pp.

There’s more to you than meets the eye. The order of birth does have a profound impact on personality, careers, marriage, and much more. Lehman uncovers common traits of the firstborn, middle children, and youngest, with strategies for parenting your own. $11.99

The First Nine Months of Life

Lux Flanagan • Life Cycle Books • Paperback • 149 pp.

For the general reader, a sensitive and scientific account of life in the womb. Illustrated with authentic photographs of the hour-by-hour, month-by-month development of the human embryo, from egg cell to birth. $4.95

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Janeen Brady • Brite • Paperback

This book has many tips for teaching teens how to be responsible. $9.95


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