Teen-Aid Family Center

Teen-Aid Family Center

723 E Jackson, Spokane, WA 99207


The Teen-Aid Family Center (TFC) will be a home away from home for students. TFC hours will be Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, except holidays. It will be a structured, supervised and safe environment for students grades 1-12 to work on online school while their parents are at work. TFC is not a daycare with the stigma of being babysat, it is a family center to provide support for parents new to at-home school or online school programs. It is also a chance for online students to meet not just their academic needs, but their social, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness needs. TFC will also have supplemental enrichment activities like arts, cooking, music, etc. for students to participate in after their online schooling is completed.

The Teen-Aid Family Center has a Computer Corner for students to work on their online schooling, including some computers for student use and spaces for students to plug in and use their laptops/tablets. The center has a secured outdoor recreation area for educational physical activities, an indoor recreation area with games, and a classroom for extracurricular supplemental activities and presenters.

The Teen-Aid Family Center will open November 16th. TFC will remain open through December 30th, while seeking funding to remain open longer.

Monthly Membership is FREE!! Teen-Aid is a recipient of the Spokane County CARES funding.

Please open form, fill-in, then print “save to pdf” and email to info@teen-aid.com.

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The Teen-Aid mission has always been to build character and families while serving the Spokane community. The struggle, now, for families is great, but students who are left alone face some of the biggest difficulties.

While being “on your own” occasionally can foster independence and confidence, even for adults, social isolation can cause problems. What does extended isolation do to older children and teens?

They may:

  • Struggle with schoolwork
  • Be depressed, anxious or even suicidal
  • Have accidents and not get the emergency help needed
  • Get into trouble or form unhealthy relationships
  • Be susceptible to drug addiction and alcohol abuse
  • Become sexually active and experience teen pregnancy, std’s and abortion
  • Become prone to violence and risk-taking behavior or be a victim of crime
  • Have problems with online addiction, porn and victimization by human traffickers

If you have any questions, please call our office or send us a message.