The Alternative Project

The Alternative (TA) Project, was a federal Title V grantee for Washington State, serving families of Washington State with alternative sexual risk avoidance education. A healthy solution to the risks and consequences teens face is teaching life skills that connect them to their parents and community. TA endorses delaying sexual activity and planning for stable future families.

The Alternative Life’s Questions curriculum is appropriate for grades 8-12. TA welcomes families desiring risk avoidance education. This is for families who want an option for their children. They may want to opt out of the formal sex education classes but want their children to receive:

  • relationship skills (communication, boundary setting, decision-making)
  • reproductive anatomy
  • goal setting
  • problem solving
  • prevention strategies (refusal skills, situation avoidance, drug/alcohol influence)
  • consequences of non-marital sexual activity
  • advantages of abstinence
  • and community resource information

Washington State law requires that schools provide an alternative activity for students who opt out but most schools have no formalized program.

Delivery Methods:

  1. At Home Option: Parents work with their teen on homework assignments, data will be collected to show that an outside-of-public-school classroom model works. The course has 14 lesson options, approximately one hour per lesson. Covering friendship, dating, careers, reproductive anatomy, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, exercise, media influence, consequences of sexual activity, teen pregnancy, adoption, abortion facts and STD prevention plus a variety of positive relationship building skills, boundary setting, cessation techniques for returning to sexual abstinence outside of a marital relationship, decision making, and communication skills. Additionally The Alternative provides prevention strategies for parents and teens for human trafficking, sexting, dating violence, sexual harassment, pornography and cyber bullying.
  2. Community Presentations: The Alternative for Students and Building Family Connections parent workshops will be offered within the community with the help of leaders or parents wishing to schedule a Friday evening & Saturday workshop covering the above topics in an interactive format.

Research: Teen-Aid is an experienced abstinence and character education organization founded in 1981. Whitworth University is the outside evaluator of the program for effectiveness.

Table of Contents available upon request.

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