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The Kinsey Corruption         

Susan Brinkman • Ascension • Paperback • 84 pp.

The Kinsey Corruption, written by Susan Brinkman of Philadelphia’s Catholic Standard & Times, is based on the book Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences by Dr. Judith Reisman, the world’s foremost authority on Alfred C. Kinsey. In these pages you will learn:

  • How Alfred Kinsey presented as “normal” data he collected from incarcerated sex offenders, criminals, and prostitutes.
  • Which of today’s popular notions about sex are based on Kinsey’s flawed conclusions, such as 10 percent of the population is homosexual and sexual promiscuity is normal.
  • That Kinsey engaged in criminal experimentation on children and used “data” he collected from some of the world’s most notorious pedophiles to arrive at his conclusions.
  • How the American Law Institute incorporated Kinsey’s research into the Model Penal Code of 1955, resulting in greatly-diminished penalties for sex crimes.
  • How the unholy union of Kinsey, Playboy, and Planned Parenthood were instrumental in the creation of today’s sex education curriculum in public schools. $8.95
Epidemic: How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids

Meg Meeker, M.D. • Lifeline Press • Hardback • 251 pp.

There is an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases that, in some cases, have increased more than 500% in recent years. Right now, one out of every four sexually active teens is living with an STD! Dr. Meg Meeker has lived on the front lines of this epidemic for more than twenty years. In this groundbreaking book, she examines in detail the threat of these diseases, and the causes for their widespread advance among teens, including: birth control, reliance on condoms, the media, sex education, early start, confusion, and the teen body. $24.95

The Case for Marriage

Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher •  Doubleday • Paperback • 260 pp.

A groundbreaking look at the most basic and universal of all human institutions, this authoritative and provocative book reveals the benefits—emotional, physical economic, and sexual—that marriage brings to individuals and society as a whole.  $14.95

Choosing to Love

Edward E. Ford • Brandt Publishing • Paperback • 149 pp.

Love — a word that is often heard, yet often misunderstood. With simple clarity, Ford carefully defines the differences between love, sex, and affection. He calls us to forsake our myths and choose responsible loving and living.  $8.95

Abstinence – The New Sexual Revolution

Marilyn Morris • Chas River Publishing • Paperback • 127 pp. • Grades 6-College

When teenagers are given factual information most of them are capable of coming to the logical conclusion that sex outside of a lifelong relationship is dangerous — even deadly. Marilyn explains why we must train our children in this vital area and gives helpful suggestions on when and how to talk to them without embarrassment.


$24.95  Book/Tape

My Body Machine

Janeen Brady • BriteKids • Cassette and Booklet • Ages 5-8

This is the story of Brawny’s dedication to keeping his little sister healthy and “Shiny Brite.” This entertaining, musical fantasy introduces children to the friendly individuals who make up the basic food groups—as well as King Sugar and his cohorts, Ms. Grease and Sir Salty. My Body Machine makes nutrition exciting and fun.


$12.95 (My Body Machine Songbook)

Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By

Janeen Brady • BriteKids • Cassette and Full Color Booklet • Ages 7-11

16 patriotic toe-tapping songs with informative and entertaining dialogue provide your child an insight into the history, purpose and meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By helps children understand and appreciate the concepts of freedom and how government functions in America today.


$17.00 (Take Your Hat Off Booklet & CD)

$12.95 (Take Your Hat Off Songbook)

Raising Good Children

Dr. Thomas Lickona • Bantam Books • Paperback • 447 pp.

Based on fascinating research, this groundbreaking work by psychologist and educator Dr. Thomas Lickona descibes the predictable stages of moral development from birth to adulthood. And it offers you down-to-earth advice and guidance for each stage.


Please Understand Me II Temperament Character Intelligence

David Keirsey • Prometheus Nemesis Book Co. • Paperback • 364 pp.

What really makes you tick? How does your tick differ from that of spouse & friends? Drawing on the theories of Carl Jung, the authors present in revealing detail 4 basic temperaments and 16 character types.


Success! The Glenn Bland Method

by Glenn Bland • Living Books • Paperback • 176 pp.

How to set balanced goals and make plans that really work. Learn principles and methods from the man who built one of the largest life insurance sales organizations in 5 years.


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