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Aim for Success

Aim For Success / Chas. River Publishing

This 13 page, full-color, CD-sized, teen-friendly brochure covers pregnancy, STDs, emotional scars, starting over, how far is too far, clever comebacks, and how to succeed at abstinence. $.40


Awesome Dates

Kathleen Honeycut  •

Teen-Aid Publication

This fun brochure is a hit with junior and senior high students. Presents the date rating test! Asks the questions kids should ask to be objective about their girlfriend or boyfriend: i.e., Have they ever tried to get you to prove their love? Do they treat my family with respect? Plus 13 super tips for an awesome date.

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Awesome Dates (Spanish)

Kathleen Honeycut  • Teen-Aid Publication

This brand new Spanish version of the popular brochure is a hit with junior and senior high students. Presents the date rating test! Asks the questions kids should ask to be objective about their girlfriend or boyfriend: i.e., Have they ever tried to get you to prove their love? Do they treat my family with respect? Plus 15 super tips for an awesome date.

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Compatibility Checklist

Teen-Aid Publication

There is more to being “in love” than liking someone’s face. This easy-to-read brochure presents 15 areas of compatibility to consider in choosing a boyfriend, girlfriend, or marriage partner. Super handout and discussion starter!

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Is There Real Safe Sex?

Teen-Aid Publication

Yes! Yes! Yes! There is safe sex … in having sex only with your marriage partner who is having sex only with you. Presents advantages of abstinence and possibility of secondary virginity for the sexually active teen.

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So You Want to Say “No”

Teen-Aid Publication

Upbeat brochure that teaches teens ways to refuse sexual advances. “If you have the will to refuse you will find a way.”

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How Young Is Too Young To Teach The Birds And The Bees

Teen-Aid Publication

Mommy, where did I come from? Fear grips you, what do I need to tell my five year old? Have you ever felt that fear and needed to read something quick to be able to answer those frightening questions? A new brochure just published by Teen-Aid will give you that help. Clarifying what the child’s question is, answering the question, at what age should sexual behavior be taught and giving tips for “the big talk.”

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Milestones of Early Life

At no time in your life does more growth and change occur than in the first nine months before birth. Presented in this brochure from Heritage House ’76, Inc., are the amazing milestones of that time in your life: from Day 1 conception through 9½ months (40 weeks) birth. And not until the baby has gone through all these events on the inside can we see the new child on the outside. $.25


Sex For Single Mature Adults

Teen-Aid Publication

With nearly one quarter of Baby Boomers single, how do you explain and model abstinence outside of marriage? What about Sex for Single Mature Adults? Is casual sex healthy? Imprinting of the brain? Fling Behavior? Sexual activity has two purposes; do you know what they are? Sex for Single Mature Adults will help bring you to an understanding of what those purposes are.

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Take the Challenge

Teen-Aid Publication

This brand new brochure helps teens take charge in the decision making process in considering the consequences of physical intimacy. Communication is a key to building relationships. Make a joint decision about your level of commitment. Base the relationship on friendship. Make a plan and be accountable for keeping physical intimacy boundaries.

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Why Marriage?

Teen-Aid Publication

This brand new brochure helps teens get the facts about successful relationships, marriage and why marriage is worth the wait. Topics include: security, romance, love, sex, good health, how to increase marriage success and setting boundaries of physical intimacy. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

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Why kNOw

How At Risk Are You?

Why kNOw

A reality check of how many people are actually exposed to STDs, depending on the number of sexual partners one has had, is provided in this brochure. $0.25

Sex Was Never Meant to Kill You

Why kNOw

Society has begun to base it’s sexual practices on lies rather than the truth. The truth is uncovered and practical suggestions are given for making positive choices about saving sex for marriage. $0.25


Grapevine Publications

Is Sex Safe?

This informative brochure clearly explains the facts about STDs-types, symptoms, consequences, etc. so that teens may know the real and very serious risks of sex outside of marriage. $0.15

Safe Sex?

An attractive and thought-provoking brochure which explains many important documented facts about condoms and AIDs. The message to “save sex for marriage” is clearly shown to be the best possible choice. $0.15

The Game of Sex

This brochure contains an actual board game to be played. Like any board game, the Game of Sex has many risks. The further into the game, the greater the consequences you must face. $0.15

Womanity Series

Patricia Driscoll • Womanity

In the age of quick fixes and media bytes, teen minds are accustomed to short hard-hitting messages. The Womanity brochures present strong messages to teens to abstain until marriage. Amusing, but always penetrating, the brochures get to the heart of the matter quickly and convincingly.

Series (8 Brochures at .16 ea.) $1.28

Dating $.16

Gone All the Way, Now Where? $.16

How to Say NO $.16

How to Say NO Spanish $.16

On the Verge of Virginity $.16

On the Verge of Virginity Spanish $.16

Parent Power and Teen Sex $.16

Parent Power and Teen Sex Spanish $.16

Teach Them to Steal $.16

The Best Birth Control $.16

Sex Pressures $.16

How You Began

Life Cycle Books

Introduce students/audience to life in the womb with this brief, but informative brochure. Features four beautiful colored photographs of a fetus in the stages of early development. $0.15

Six Secrets of Strong Families

Nick Stinnett & John DeFrain • Reader’s Digest Reprint

Strong families do exist today, and they tend to have six things in common. This article explains how commitment, time together, appreciation, communication, spiritual wellness, and coping with crisis helps strengthen families. $0.35

Raising a G-Rated Child in an X-Rated World

Sue Browder • Reader’s Digest Reprint

Parents are determined to teach their children such moral values as honesty, courage and self-control. Here are seven parent tested solutions that work. $0.35

Hooked on Snuff

Jeffrey Denny • Reader’s Digest Reprint

This article, originally published by Common Cause, a public advocacy group, details the growing popularity of snuff or smokeless tobacco. The use of snuff was waning in the early sixties until the leading manufacturer conducted a massive advertising campaign. Currently one in five 12th grade boys uses this substance which has been linked to oral cancers. The article chronicles this alarming trend, the role of the leading manufacturer, U.S. Tobacco, and the relative inactivity of the U.S. government. $0.35

Sean Marsee’s Smokeless Death

Jack Fincher• Reader’s Digest Reprint

Sean Marsee was a model athlete, in top condition, and soon to graduate. He, like many young athletes, had one harmless habit, or so he thought. This is the story of Sean’s tragic death as a result of using snuff. The reprint is a sober reminder that tobacco can be deadly, even if it isn’t smoked! $0.35

What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life

Human Resource Development Council • Folds out to tabloid size

Students may know the facts of sex, but do they know the facts after conception? This colorful brochure wonderfully covers the subject of fetal development with a fun 14-question quiz and answers, photographs, illustrations, and month by month growth facts. Provides a great classroom activity. $0.65

Hang on to Your H-H-Hormones

Life Cycle Books

This short, easy to read brochure, targeted for teen girls, helps them “consider the facts” before making a decision about having sex—facts about contraceptive failure, teen pregnancy, STDs, and more. It makes a case for considering “chastity” and includes statements of refusal to commonly used pressure lines. $0.15

The First Nine Months

Focus on the Family • Color Photographs

A step-by-step journey through the first chapter of human life. Chronicles the development of the fetus from day one to birth with easy-to-follow explanations and exquisite, colorful photographs. $.45

Forgotten Fathers: Men and Abortion

Vincent Rue, Ph.D. • Life Cycle Books

The impact of abortion on the “almost father”, and their ability to understand and cope with the situation are examined in this timely brochure. $0.17

STDs: The Facts

Medical Institute for Sexual Health

With a brief overview of the sexually transmitted disease epidemic, this brochure is ideal for handing out at community meetings, classrooms and church groups. It’s a short, powerful way to wake up parents and leaders. $0.25

Unwed Parents Series

Unwed Parents Anonymous, Inc.

Unwed parents and their families have many questions. These brochures answer their difficult questions. The series also addresses the unique circumstances that unwed parents and their families face.

One Date At A Time – It’s O.K. To Say No $0.20

Should I Keep Or Relinquish My Baby? Questions to Love By $0.20

The Special Needs of the Out-of-Wedlock Child $0.20

Advice to Grandparents $0.20

Dating Guidelines From Unwed Parents $0.20

Unwed Fathers $0.20

A Reason to Wait

Jacob Aranza • Aranza Outreach

This brochure for teens sensitively treats some of the emotional issues of adolescent sex. The author makes a case for waiting, as he covers false pressures for involvement, genuine intimacy, commitment and love. The brochure will provoke thought and questions with any group of teens. $0.10


Abstinence Because

Medical Institute for Sexual Health

This teen-savvy piece communicates many reasons to remain abstinent. It’s perfect for distributing in classrooms or assemblies to re-emphasize why abstinence is the only healthy choice for teens. $0.24

How Safe Is It?

Northwest Family Services

Have you ever heard something you knew wasn’t true, but you heard it so many times you finally began to believe it? This brochure gives you the true facts in regard to “safe sex.” $0.35

Sexual Roulette – Are You Feeling Lucky?

Molly Kelly • Easton Publishing Co.

Fear and pressure in life are not always bad. They can keep us safe and on the right track. But when someone uses them to take advantage of you, it’s wrong. Sex should be reserved for intimate communication between married couples. This brochure takes an honest look at the risks of sexual relationships before marriage, and the advantages of saying “no” to premarital sex. $0.25

Deciding Your Future in the Age of AIDS

Life Cycle Books

Anyone who participates in risky sexual behavior or illegal IV drugs is at risk of getting AIDS. This brochure raises some very direct questions and points readers to a different kind of “safe sex”— mutual fidelity between two HIV and STD free people who are committed to each other for life. $0.15

Adoption: A Loving Choice

Paul Broughton • Life Cycle Books

Our best-selling question/answer brochure presents adoption as an option which can be the best and most loving choice. Ideal for pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and others in contact with unmarried expectant mothers. $0.17


Brochure Sampler

Collection of 35 Brochures

This sampler includes a large variety of brochures advertised in this catalogue. Ideal for choosing those brochures most suited for your classroom. Super reference and resource for future use as well.

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